active matter

  • 活性物

active matter的用法和样例:


  1. Besides, the valent state of Mo, the surface pattern and distribution of Mo on this catalyst, and the formation of catalytic active matter and so on were studied preliminarily.
    文中还对Mo在催化剂上的价态,表面形貌和分布; 催化活性物质的形成和制备过程中的一些问题作了初步探讨。
  2. This paper studies the fertilization of gangue weathering matter centered around its serious deficiencies in organic active matter and available nutrients.
  3. The conditions for process control of slug concentration and content of powder active matter were improved.The first-stage acceptability rate of powder detergent was upturned.
  4. Polarimeter, which is known as an optical rotation meter, is an instrument to measure optical rotation of "optically active matter" such as saccharin, ascorbic acid and sodium glutamate.
  5. Most STR has no function of coding, maybe they have activating matter, recombination site and the function of combining site of DNA topoisomerase.
  6. The Method used to separate anti-tumor activity matter from bark of Ailanthus altissima Swingle was studied in this paper.

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