active lime

  • 有效石灰

active lime的用法和样例:


  1. Renovation of the control system stabilizes the calcining condition in kiln and improves the quality of active lime with the obvious effect.
  2. Suggestions about the production of qu-ality active lime and measures to be taken in the future are also offered.
    介绍了我国目前引进推广这种窑炉技术和设备的进展情况及所得的成果; 最后,提出了生产活性石灰和提高石灰质量应采取的措施。
  3. Commercial scale tests also show a very high rate of desulphurization with the use of the active lime powder.
  4. This article relates to the thermodynamics and mechanism of hot metal desulphurization using active lime powder.
  5. Intensive researches on knowledge has been done. Fuzzy rules have been designed to work in this Active Lime Product Line Security Control System.
  6. This topic is commissioned by Wuhan Iron and Steel Company, respectively study on two rotary kilns'composite furnace of Cheng Chao iron ore plant and wulongquan active lime plant.
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