active ion translocation

  • 离子主动转位

active ion translocation的用法和样例:


  1. With a systematic study on the effects of ionophores and ion channel on the photopotential signals, this paper verified ike nonproton ion translocation in Purple Membrane.
  2. Compared with the prot(,n pumping, this nonproton ion translocation is also light-driven and increases with the ionic strength of the medium, but it develops a faster and negative photopotential.
  3. The equilibrium adsorption content of oil on the clay (Qs) includes capillary adsorption content (Qs1) and active ion adsorption content (Qs2).
    油在粘土上的平衡吸附量Qs包括毛细吸附量Qs1和活性离子吸附量Qs2两部分,解吸平衡等温经验方程可以写成 的形式,式中,d为固体颗粒粒径,km、m、b、k均为系数,该方程经实验证明是合理的;
  4. Ammonium transporters are a kind of active ion carriers existing as a kind of transmembrane protein with proposed molecular weight of about 48 kDa.
    铵载体是一类存在于细胞膜上分子量约为48 kDa的主动转运M(上标 + 下标 4)的载体。
  5. Comprising fruit acid AHA active ion and HA factor, it can whiten and hydrate skin, supply moisture and nutrition, avoid dryness and wrinkle, keep skin elastic, moist, tender and fair.

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