active hydrogen

  • 活性氢

active hydrogen的用法和样例:


  1. The yield of the reaction was determined using chemistry titration by which the unreacted active hydrogen was detected.
  2. On the basis of the features of active hydrogen atom and the literature reports,the general formula of glyphosate is given.
  3. The factors, which may affect the production of diamond films, have been discussed, such as source of carbon in gas, substrate in solid and active hydrogen molecules and atoms.
  4. The reason for the increase of desulfuration effect of modification by Zn-Al gel may be that the zeolite by modification enhances the supply ability of active hydrogen, which promotes saturation and cracking of thiophene.
  5. Hydrogen donor can provide active hydrogen atom to postpone or control the forming of the second liquid phase and effectively restrain the coking when catalyst and hydrogen were absent.
    供氢剂在无催化剂和氢气存在条件下 ,可提供活性氢原子推迟或阻止第二液相的形成 ,有效抑制生焦 ;
  6. After the oxidation of carbon black with hydrogen peroxide, hydrophilic group was introduced onto carbon black surface by the grafting reaction of carbon black with the active hydrogen of p-PS.

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