Active directory service Internet

  • 现用目录服务因特网

Active directory service Internet的用法和样例:


  1. Locate the container in the Active Directory service in which you want your client accounts to be created.
    在Active Directory服务中找到您希望创建客户机帐户的容器。
  2. The use of 64-bit Active Directory domain controllers increases directory service performance.
    使用64位Active Directory域控制器可以提高目录服务性能。
  3. The EdgeSync synchronization process then replicates those Send connectors to the Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) directory service as part of the configuration data.
    然后,EdgeSync同步进程将这些发送连接器作为配置数据的一部分复制到Active Directory应用程序模式(ADAM)目录服务。
  4. In Exchange 2007 RTM, you must use Exchange System Manager on an Exchange 2003 server or the Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) Edit tool to modify global message limits.
    在Exchange 2007 RTM中,必须使用Exchange 2003服务器上的Exchange系统管理器或Active Directory服务接口(ADSI)编辑工具修改全局邮件限制。

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