active desktop

  • 主动桌面

active desktop的用法和样例:


  1. The message box is displayed on the active desktop.
  2. On the Web tab, select the View my Active Desktop as a Web page check box.
  3. Another aspect of Constellation that differs from Microsoft's active desktop is that users can access their personalized desktop Web pages from any machine with an Internet connection and a Java-enabled browser.
  4. In order to push more applications onto the active desktop,Microsoft is writing ActiveX components into Office and other applications and making automated ActiveX component creation a part of Visual Basic.
    为了推动把更多的应用程序放在现行台式系统上,微软公司正在编写放入Office和其它应用程序的ActiveX部件,并把ActiveX部件自动生成作Visual Basic(VB)的一部分。
  5. The technology will go up against Microsoft's "active desktop",which allows users to browse the contents of their hard drives and compose Office 97 documents using Internet Explorer as a framework.
    此技术将与微软公司的现行台式环境(active desktop)竞争,后者利用Internet Explorer作为基础框架让用户浏览硬驱的内容和构成Office 97的文档。
  6. However,while Microsoft's active desktop works only with Windows 95 or NT,Constellation works on any platform,a suite of HTML-based workflow and messaging products aiming at the corporate marketplace.
    然而,微软的现行台式环境只与Windows 95或NT一起工作,而Constellation能在任何平台上工作,它是一组基于HTML的、瞄准公司市场的工作流和传信产品。

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