active chlorine

  • 活性氯,有效氯

active chlorine的用法和样例:


  1. Electrochemical generation of active chlorine in diluted and concentrated NaCl solutions was investigated at Ti/PbO_2 anode.
    对Ti/PbO2 阳极在氯化钠稀溶液和浓溶液中电氧化生成活性氯进行了研究.
  2. When the total active chlorine charge increased from 25kg/t to 37kg/t,pulp brightness increased from 78.8% ISO to 87.0% ISO.
  3. Xylanase was used in biologic bleaching with the result of reducing the consumption of active chlorine and decreasing environmental pollution achieved.
  4. The effects of active chlorine charge in D1 stage, active chlorine charge distribution in the two D stages and the total active chlorine charge on D0(EOP)D1 bleaching of bamboo pulps were investigated in this paper.
  5. Determination of inactivation of HBV-DNA cluld be inactivated with active chlorine 1250 mg/L for 60 minutes,or 2 500 mg/L for 30 minutes,10 pg HBV-DNA in purified Dane particles could be inactivated by active chlorine 625 mg/L for 10 minutes.
    有效氯2500mg/L作用30分钟以上可使10倍PCR灵敏度的纯化Dane颗粒中HBVDNA转阴; 有效氯625mg/L作用30分钟或1250mg/L作用10分钟可使10倍PCR灵敏度的纯化Dane颗粒上HBsAg转阴。
  6. The MBT decomposed in the water containing active chlorine,but BTA could sustained in the water containing Cl 2,ClO 2 with pH 8.5.The BTA could be affected by Br 2,BCDMH and sunlight.
    BTA抗活性氯氧化的性能较好 ;在模拟现场条件下 ;基本上不分解 ;但温度和光照对其抗氯性影响较大 ;尤其是光照 ; pH值为 8.;5时;投加Cl2 、ClO2 的冷却水系统中;BTA基本上不会受到影响;但溴类氧化剂BCDMH、Br2 与BAT之间反应十分迅速;几乎在 1h内反应完全。

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