active blocks

  • 活动块体

active blocks的用法和样例:


  1. According to the geotectonic and active blocks distribution characteristics in China continent and its neighborhood, 32 subregions are subdivided.
  2. HUANG Li-ren, YANG Guo-hua, WANG Min. 2003. Active blocks and their deformations in the North China deduced from velocity field [J]. Acta Seismologica Sinica (in press).
  3. Inside the utensil was cast six characters posy.The curling sheep horn, sheep head, and cow head were all composed by active block patterns.
  4. Using MapX provided by Maplnfo company,functions of GIS are put into VB6.0 software to build the Information Management system for Qilian Mountain active block.
  5. No matter what the long distant effects of earthquake on anomalies, the unusual distribution of earthquake intensity as well as the characteristics of earthquake sequences may also indicate the role played by active block.
  6. The results of sequential time variation of the rates at different points for five campaigns show that the Fujian active block,as a whole,is moving southeast wards and the magnitude of inner deformation is smaller(about 1mm/a).

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