active basis

  • 主动基

active basis的用法和样例:


  1. Despite recent media infatuation, Second Life still has only a small active base of users and has suffered growing pains.
  2. This paper discussed adopting adding polysaccharide、active pepide、triterpene and pure natural cheap physiology active base to develop function compound flavouring.
  3. The structure of Higher-order CMAC neural network and the address calculation method of active basis functions in hidden layer are studied. In this paper several calculation methods of Higher-order Basis Function are presented.
    对高阶 CMAC神经网络的结构和工作原理进行了研究 ,提出了中间层作用函数地址的计算方法 ,给出了计算高阶基函数的不同方法。
  4. Nowadays the surfactant used in steam huff-puff precleanup in Gaosheng oilfield cannot bring into play fully.Focusing on this problem, a new active base steam huff-puff technology was developed.
  5. Moral education base, scientific activity base and labor and technical education.
  6. The productive capacity is usually expressed in terms of an activity base, such as machine hours, direct labor cost, or direct labor hours.

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