active attacking

  • 主动进攻

active attacking的用法和样例:


  1. The unauthorized alteration of certain system files is one of the symptoms of an active attack, or compromise upon a system.
  2. The 3GPP authentication and key agreement has two security shortages. One is that it needs a strong secure channel assumption between the VLR and the HLR,and will easily suffer from the active attack after the adversary accesses the channel.
  3. The conclusion was that both A and B players got higher active attack than the passive one for the attack count and score successful rate, in other words, they belonged to the active attack players.
  4. Study on the Time of Active Attacking in Boxing Match
  5. Key size is not the only major security limitation in WEP.[9] Cracking a longer key requires interception of more packets, but there are active attacks that stimulate the necessary traffic.
    WEP 不是强制使用的,使得许多设施根本就没有启动 WEP;以及WEP 并不包含钥匙管理协定,郤依赖在用户间共用一个秘密钥匙。

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