active attack

  • 主动攻击

active attack的用法和样例:


  1. The unauthorized alteration of certain system files is one of the symptoms of an active attack, or compromise upon a system.
  2. The 3GPP authentication and key agreement has two security shortages. One is that it needs a strong secure channel assumption between the VLR and the HLR,and will easily suffer from the active attack after the adversary accesses the channel.
  3. The conclusion was that both A and B players got higher active attack than the passive one for the attack count and score successful rate, in other words, they belonged to the active attack players.
  4. Simulation for the Active Attack Mine's Hitting Probability
  5. The paper simply analyzes the different of EMI,EMC,EML and Tempest and the mechanism of EML of computer. Some kinds of protection measure are presented. We should be aware of the big threat of active attacks.
    简要分析了计算机 EMI,EMC,EML和 TEMPEST之间的区别及计算机主要信息泄漏源的泄漏机理 ,并介绍了相应的硬件防护技术及新型软件防护技术 ,分析了它们各自的优势与劣势 ,提出我们应注意到窃取者的主动攻击给计算机信息泄漏问题造成的更大威胁
  6. Discussion about Active Attack Policy on Economic Crime

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