active anti-ship acoustic fuse

  • 主动反舰声引信

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  1. With the development of underwater detective equipment, ship acoustic stealthy technique becomes a popular problem within shipbuilding researcher.
  2. Methods 23 patients with HIV/AIDS(7 HIV,16 AIDS)were epidemically investigated and clinically observed. All the patients with AIDS were treated against opportunity infection,9 patients were treated with high active anti retroviral therapy (HAART).
    方法 :对 2 3例艾滋病病毒 (HIV)感染及AIDS病人 (其中HIV感染 7例 ,AIDS 16例 )进行流行病学调查和临床观察 ,16例AIDS病人均给予抗机会性感染治疗 ,9例应用高效抗逆转录病毒治疗 (HAART)。
  3. Just six years later, during the 1973 Jom Kippur War, the Israeli Navy was targeted by as many as 52 Soviet made anti ship missiles, yet no one hit its target, mostly thanks to the Electtronica made EW suites fitted on the Israeli FACs.
    仅隔 6年 ,在1973年的“斋月”之战中 ,以色列海军舰只曾受到 5 2枚苏制反舰导弹的攻击 ,但却无一命中 ,这在很大程度上是由于以色列快速攻击艇安装了有效的电子战系统。
  4. A new motion model with a tracking algorithm is introduced in this paper to track a maneuvering target such as a sea skimming anti ship cruise missile (ASCM) in spherical coordinates.
  5. An Investigation on the Acoustic Fuse Virtual Reality System
  6. Surface Ship Acoustic Warfare System

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