activated proto-oncogene

  • 细胞转化基因, 活化的原癌基因

activated proto-oncogene的用法和样例:


  1. The data indicate that rhIL 13 enhances the expression of proto oncogene c mpl in Dami Cells.
    rhIL 13增强了Dami细胞原癌基因c mpl表达 ;
  2. The product of proto oncogene c Cbl has been proved as a new ubiquitin ligase (E3) of RING finger type for ubiquitin proteasome pathway.
    c Cbl最近被证明是泛素 蛋白酶体 (ubiquitin proteasome)通路中的一个新的RINGFinger型泛素连接酶 (ubiquitinligase
  3. Objective: To investigate the actual role of the proto oncogene product c CBL in the signaling elicited by BCR/ABL oncoprotein.
    目的 :探讨原癌基因产物c CBL在P2 10BCR/ABL激发的异常信号转导中的作用。
  4. Increased expression of proto oncogene c fos plays an important role in the occurence and development of fibrous dysplasia.
    c?fos 癌基因的过度表达在骨纤维结构不良的发生发展中起重要作用。
  5. Our results suggest that the overexpression of c erbB 1 proto oncogene might be one of the important reasons that can induce keratinocytes of psoriasis to proliferate abnormally.
  6. Keywords Proto oncogene protein;\ Gene expression;\ Hypertrophic scar;\ Keloid;

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