activated clay

  • 活化粘土

activated clay的用法和样例:


  1. Under this condition, the decolouring ratio of activated clay is up to 90%.
  2. The activated process conditions,such as acidity,temperature,time,the ration of liquid to solid,soaking time on the decoloring capacity of activated clay are studied.
  3. Data illustrated that the optimum reaction conditions of TAED were as follow: The microwave power and time are 530w, 35min. the catalyst is activated clay.
  4. In this paper, 4A molecular sieves,activated clay and aluminum sulfate were prepared with the exhausted acid and alkali in the process of 4A molecular sieves by bentonite.
  5. In this paper , active clay was applied to adsorb Pb2+ and Cr(VI) in solution.
  6. The activated clay is the best decolourization reagent to the crude product, and 95% methanol is the best solvent for recrystallization. The 4 MDBT with 96.1% in purity and 61.6% in yield was obtained.
    粗产品经活性白土脱色及在 - 2 0℃下用 95%25甲醇重结晶 2次后 ;产品纯度达 96 .;1%25;产率为6 1 6%25。
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