action-reaction law

  • 作用反作用定律

action-reaction law的用法和样例:


  1. The application shows that this experiment and data processing method are useful and convenient and provide scientific foundation and new approach for carbonate acidizing design and study acid/rock reaction law.
  2. The reaction law of phenol with MTBE to synthesis of p -TBP and 2,4-DTBP carried out on the fixed flow reactor under atmospheric pressure with HY modification zeolite catalyst is systematically researched.
    甲基叔丁基醚 (MTBE)作为烷基化剂 ,以改性HY分子筛为催化剂 ,在常压连续流动固定床反应器上 ,对苯酚烷基化合成对叔丁基和 2 ,4 -二叔丁基苯酚 (2 ,4 -DTBP)的反应规律进行了较为系统的研究。
  3. Methods 520cases of serum which suspect the hepatitis Bpatient were Carried on ELIAS law to measure the hepatitis B serum mark(hbv-m), Fluorescence quanti-tative enzyme chain reaction law measure content of HBVDNA and were compared.
    方法 对520例怀疑乙肝患者的血清进行ELISA法检测乙肝病毒血清标志物(HBVM)和荧光量聚合酶链反应(FQ-PCR)检测HBVDNA的含量并进行比较。
  4. Was his action in conformity with the law?
  5. The reaction laws of nitrification\|denitrification and continuous nitrification\|denitrification by the SBR method are described.

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