action-oriented method

  • 行为导向法

action-oriented method的用法和样例:


  1. In the last, this objected oriented method of antiship missile route planning was experimented in the VC++ platform.
  2. To the behavior of natural and easygoing, generous appropriate action oriented show with a strong self-confidence, Only in this way can more suited to their roles.
  3. The Delegation wished to request that all those thirteen proposals be included in the listing of action oriented proposals, on which they had been working since the second IIM.
  4. Software Engineering based on object oriented method is a new way to solve software crisis and to improve software productivity and quality.
  5. Those proposals could be presented with some kind of action oriented language or language that perhaps could assist us in making recommendations to the General Assembly.
  6. This paper analyzes the problems in the current CAPP system, to solve these problems, the Object - oriented Method Lc utilized to analyze and design CAPP system, and COM Based Component (CBC) technology &c applied to develop CAPP system.
    文章分析了目前CAPP系统普遍存在的问题,针对这些问题,提出了利用面向对象的方法对 CAPP系统进行分析和设计,利用基于 COM的组件(COM Based Component;CBC)技术对CAPP系统进行开发。

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