action modeling

  • 动作示范

action modeling的用法和样例:


  1. Assist enterprise understand employees'gift and characteristic, decision motivation and action model.
  2. Firstly,it deals with how to use UML to build the structural model and the action model of the ISCM system,and how to use APN to build the Petri Net model of the ISCM system.
  3. And, by using Computer Graphics, Calculation Geometry technique and so on, an experimental system was built up, which can describe morphing and action model with uniform controls.
  4. Genealogy and clan-dharma are the important contents of Pudie family series, and the regulation of its members'social activities and the action model which constrains the action of its clansman.
    宗谱家法是谱牒的重要内容 ,它是宗族社会的民间法规行为 ,是宗族成员行动的规范 ,对宗族成员的行为起约束作用。
  5. This study is based on the Arold and Feldman model.According the characteristics of the employee in Chinese KIBS, this paper gives the necessary modify to the personal action model.
  6. Roger Ballentine is a former official with the Clinton White House.He says climate change should be a top-priority for the next president, but he's uncomfortable with the 100-day action model.

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