actin-related protein

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  1. Through searching database, these seven proteins might be Galanin related peptide, Pro-neuregulin-4 protein, small inducible cytokine A15 precursor, 9 kDa protein, CSL-zincfinger protein 1, mitochondrial hinge protein, actin related protein, respectively.
  2. We cloned cDNA sequence of related protein to BSP in human, named HBRP, and registen in GenBank(AF27914).
  3. Parathyroid hormone related protein (PTHrP) acts the critical regulating role during the condylar development.
  4. The FYK can activate the gene expression of Bax, Caspases, increasethe related protein expression of Bax, Caspase-3 for accelerating apoptosis and at the same time lower the protein expression of Bcl-2 for depressing apoptosis.
    FYK 显著激活 bax, caspases 基因,上调相应促凋亡蛋白(Bax,Caspase-3)的表达,同时下调抑制凋亡的 Bcl-2 蛋白表达。
  5. The inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP) family consists of a group of structurally related proteins with antiapoptotic properties.
    细胞凋亡抑制因子(inhibitor of apoptosis,IAP)家族是一类分布广泛、结构相关的抗凋亡蛋白,存在于病毒、酵母和哺乳动物细胞中,具有高度保守性。
  6. Most messages encode a single protein, although some, known as operons, describe how to make an entire suite of operationally related proteins.

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