acryl amide polymers

  • 丙烯酰胺类聚合物

acryl amide polymers的用法和样例:


  1. Application of acryl amide polymers in oil field
  2. Research Progress of Acryl Amide Polymers Used in Oil Field
  3. It shows that the PPMC-1 is homogeneous polysaccharide through Sephadex G-200 arbitration, acryl amide gel electrophoresis arbitration.
    经Sephadex G-200等方法鉴定和理化分析表明PPMC-1为均一多糖。
  4. When the ink absorption mechanism on organic ink absorbent wasstudied, the theory about hydrogenous bond force, directional force andpolar force illustrated that the ink absorption property of poly(vinylalcohol) modified by acryl amide was the best.
    在对有机类吸墨剂吸墨机理探讨时,从氢键力、定向力和极性力等方面解释了在未改性的 PVA,AM 改性的 PVA 及 AA 改性的 PVA 中,AM 改性的聚乙烯醇的吸墨性能最好。
  5. An AB2 monomer and title polyester - amide polymer has been prepared based on tetrahydrophthahc anhydride and H -containing diol as raw materials.

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