acquisition of radar detection coverage

  • 对雷达探测区的获取

Acquisition of radar detection coverage的用法和样例:


  1. My elder brother is a radar man. Every time he goes home, I always importune him to tell me about stories of radar detection.
  2. This paper introduces the typical performance and interface design method of the PCI local bus,and also gives a example for data acquisition of radar terminal based on the PCI local bus.
  3. A new method of radar detection based on blades echo processing is proposed, and the time space adaptive processing scheme of the suppressing of sea clutter and the processing of blades echo signals for AEW radar is discussed.
    着重就机载预警雷达采用时 -空级联自适应处理技术对海杂波的抑制和旋翼回波信号处理的方法进行了研究 .
  4. Situation Picture of Radar Detection
  5. They were able to position the yacht by means of radar.

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