acquired cystic kidney

  • 获得性肾囊肿(透析后)(透)

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  1. Objective To perspectively evaluate the prevalence and clinical characteristics of acquired cystic kidney disease and renal cell carcinoma in hemodialysis patients.
    目的 提高对长期血液透析患者获得性肾囊肿及肾细胞癌的发病和临床特点的认识。
  2. Methods The rat model of polycyst with renal tumor, similar to human acquired cystic disease of the kidney (ACDK), was induced by oral administration of 2 amino 4,5 diphenylthiazole (DPT) and N nitrosomorpholine (NNM).
    方法 用 2 氨基 4,5 二苯噻唑 (DPT)和N 亚硝基吗啉 (NNM)诱发与人类获得性肾囊肿 (ACDK)伴肾癌相似的大鼠动物模型。
  3. The cardinal performance sinks to accumulate for the salt of cystic kidney uric acid, swell, hyperemia, bleed.
  4. Objective To report the clinicopathological features of 2 cases of nephronophthisis-medullary cystic kidney disease (NPH-MCKD).
    摘要 目的 报道两例肾单位肾痨-髓质囊肿病(NPH-MCKD)的临床病理特点。

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