acousto-optic pulse modulator

  • 声光脉冲调制器

acousto-optic pulse modulator的用法和样例:


  1. The acousto optic modulator (AOM) is used in cavity to modulate a pulse Nd:YAG laser for improving peak power of the laser pulse.
    采用声光调制器 (AOM)对脉冲 Nd:YAG激光进行腔内调制 ,提高激光脉冲的峰值功率。
  2. Chaos Control of Acousto Optical Bistable System[J].
    引用该论文 刘金刚
  3. A kind of opotelectronic oscillator(OEO) based on phase modulator is designed in use for producing the optical pulse and electric microwave signal.
    摘要 设计了一种基于相位调制器的用于产生光脉冲和电微波信号的光电振荡器。
  4. At the same time there also can be used to measure pulse circuit or pulse modulator for the pulse generator.
  5. An acoustooptic modulation system based on com- puter control for laser in the device was raised and realized,which takes one acoustooptic modulator for optic power steady,optic intension and pulse modulation.

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