acousto-optic mode-locker frequency double

  • 声光锁模倍频器

acousto-optic mode-locker frequency double的用法和样例:


  1. The acousto optic modulator (AOM) is used in cavity to modulate a pulse Nd:YAG laser for improving peak power of the laser pulse.
    采用声光调制器 (AOM)对脉冲 Nd:YAG激光进行腔内调制 ,提高激光脉冲的峰值功率。
  2. Chaos Control of Acousto Optical Bistable System[J].
    引用该论文 刘金刚
  3. The modulator was used as both a mode locker and a pulse amplitude equalizer in the cavity.
    用时域分析的方法证明这种结构在调制器工作在其特性曲线的线性区时可以实现 5阶以下有理数谐波锁模的脉冲幅度均衡。
  4. TeO_2 Acousto Optic Tunable Filter-AOF
  5. An experimental study was conducted of the active mode-locking laser utilizing a l meter long photopreionized TEA CO_2 device. A Brewster angle aceustooptic loss modulator was employed as the active mode locker within the cavity.
    利用一米长光预电离 TEA CO_2激光器,腔内置一布氏角声光调制器做损耗元件,进行锁模实验研究。
  6. Keyword: acousto optic tunable filter(AOTF);
    关 键 词: 声光可调谐滤光器(AOTF);

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