acoustic-optical modulation

  • 声光调制

acoustic-optical modulation的用法和样例:


  1. Opto electro optical modulation realized in BSO crystals[J].
    引用该论文 张建忠
  2. Both the amplitude and phase optical modulation characteristics of Epson liquid crystal television are studied using the optical measures.
    采用光学干涉法和透射法分别测试了爱普生 Epson 液晶电视 L CTV 的位相和振幅调制特性 ;
  3. W. structure, the Q.W. can have high efficiency of Q.C.S.E. without lowing the electron-hole wave function overlap integral, causing high electroabsorption coefficient and optical modulation.
  4. The mathematical models, which describe the optical modulation of this modulator and the optical bistability of this optical bistable system are derived.
  5. Unplug the existing cable from the NMT Interface connector on the optic module,if necessary.
    如果必要,从光模块上的 NMT Interface 连接器上拔下现有的电缆。

acoustic-optical modulation的相关资料:


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