acoustic-optical modulated cavity dumping

  • 声光腔倒空

acoustic-optical modulated cavity dumping的用法和样例:


  1. The acoustooptic cavity dumping for laser intracavity is fabricated、 tested and evaluated.
  2. The acousto optic modulator (AOM) is used in cavity to modulate a pulse Nd:YAG laser for improving peak power of the laser pulse.
    采用声光调制器 (AOM)对脉冲 Nd:YAG激光进行腔内调制 ,提高激光脉冲的峰值功率。
  3. A scheme was presented for teleporting a frequency?entangled state with the successful probability 25% based on the principle of the acoustic?optic modulator(AOM).
    提出一个基于声 光调制器(AOM)原理传送光子频率纠缠态并具有25%25的成功率的方案。
  4. Opto electro optical modulation realized in BSO crystals[J].
    引用该论文 张建忠
  5. The WCDMA RF optical module has unique dual cavity construction and pluggable data transmission module, which realizes the modularization and flexible update ability of the module.

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