acoustic-optic modulator

  • 声光调制器

acoustic-optic modulator的用法和样例:


  1. A scheme was presented for teleporting a frequency?entangled state with the successful probability 25% based on the principle of the acoustic?optic modulator(AOM).
    提出一个基于声 光调制器(AOM)原理传送光子频率纠缠态并具有25%25的成功率的方案。
  2. The acousto optic modulator (AOM) is used in cavity to modulate a pulse Nd:YAG laser for improving peak power of the laser pulse.
    采用声光调制器 (AOM)对脉冲 Nd:YAG激光进行腔内调制 ,提高激光脉冲的峰值功率。
  3. LiNbO3 integrated optic modulator
  4. Unplug the existing cable from the NMT Interface connector on the optic module, if necessary.
    如果必要,从光模块上的 NMT Interface 连接器上拔下现有的电缆。
  5. Connect the IFLEX Node AIP Cable Adapter (P/N 173898-01) included in your WinAIP kit to the 20-pin female D connector labeled nmt interface on the optic module.
    将包含在 WinAIP 工具箱中的 IFLEX Node AIP 电缆适配器 (P/N 173898-01) 连接到光模块上标有 nmt interface 的 20-针 内孔式 D 连接器上。

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