Acoustic Simulation Unit

  • 音响模拟器装置

Acoustic Simulation Unit的用法和样例:


  1. Using this principle, the frequency modulation information was encoded only in the selected frequency bands, and tested in acoustic simulation experiments.
  2. By using a fracture simulation unit,the regularity that temperature,flow rate and fracture width influence on HCl/dolomite reaction rate is investigated.
  3. Objective The present study investigated Chinese speech recognition in speech-shaped noise using an acoustic simulation of a cochlear implant(CI) in conjunction with a hearing aid(HA).
    目的 使用电子耳蜗与助听器联合的声学模拟考察在语音成形噪声中的中文语音识别。
  4. The core of thermal simulation unit with high temperature and high pressure is the reaction caldron, which also is the technical key in the five systems of the unit.
  5. The paper reasonably analysed the problem by acoustics simulation technique, and gave the simulation analysis of acoustic signal of the leak position with LabVIEW, which had more instruction to precisely locate the leak position of the underground pipes.
    该文利用仿真方法 ,从声学的角度对此进行了有益的尝试和合理的分析 ,并利用虚拟仪器技术软件Labview对漏损点的声信号进行仿真分析 ,对准确定位管道的泄漏位置有很大的指导意义

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