acoustic homing

  • 声自动引导

acoustic homing的用法和样例:


  1. It is one of the important problems of surface warship in underwater defensive warfare,that is how to use the acoustic decoy to counter the acoustic homing torpedo.
  2. The area of target scatterance varies with target angle, and it gets its minimum.However, the hunt cingulum formed by the two acoustic homing torpedoes can always shroud the target scatterance.
  3. According to the tactics principle of naval ship counter acoustic homing torpedo, this paper mainly discusses naval ship how to counter acoustic homing torpedo by using the noises produced by continual underwater explosions.
  4. A model of submarine attacking target by launching two acoustic homing torpedoes with parallel salvo was given.The law of obscuring target scatterance of two torpedoes by parallel salvo was studied.
  5. By discussing its currency, the model was applied to acoustic homing torpedo.According to emulation test, the differences of two methods were compared quantitatively and qualitatively.
  6. It was pure luck that he was home when we called.
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