acoustic emission in rock

  • 岩石声发射

acoustic emission in rock的用法和样例:


  1. WANG Hong-tu,XIAN Xue-fu,YIN Guang-zhi.Study on crustal stress measurement of rock mass by the Kaiser effect of acoustic emission in rock[J].Journal of China Coal Society,1997,22(5):488-490.
  2. Theory analysis and experimental study of the spread and attenuation of acoustic emission in rock body
  3. Based on the acoustic emission types of rock and a test example, the feasibility and precision of the estimation of historical geostress in rock using acoustic emission were discussed.
  4. Abstract: Active characteristics of acoustic emission(AE) in rock mass were studied based on chaotic kinetics, and a method was put forward to verify deterministic character to time series of AE.
    摘 要: 采用混沌动力学研究了岩体声发射活动规律,并提出了岩体声发射时间序列确定性检验方法;

acoustic emission in rock的相关资料:


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