• 苜蓿银纹夜蛾多(核壳体)核型多角体病毒



  1. The baculoviruses with GP64 as the fusion protein such as AcMNPV and Bombyx mori NPV (BmNPV) have been exploited for surface display so far.
    到目前为止,基于AcMNPV和基于BmNPV(Bombyx mori NPV)的杆状病毒表面展示系统已经开发出来。
  2. AcMNPV ORF66 contains three conserved domains,namely Desmo_N,CorA and Smc.CorA-like Mg2+ transporter protein might be an RNA splicing protein.
    AcMNPV ORF66有三个比较显著的保守结构域,分别是Desmo_N,CorA和Smc,其中CorA可能与RNA剪接相关。
  3. Fragments containing P10 gene have been cloned from Bombyx mori neclear polyhe-drosis virus(BmNPV) and Autographa calif arnica neclear polyhedrosis virus (AcMNPV) .
  4. For display it is sufficient to fuse the heterologous protein to the N-terminus of gp64, the major envelope protein on the surface of the AcMNPV, or to the gp64 transmembrane domain.
  5. Two GATA boxes are observed at 210 and 227 nts upstream of the ATG The product of ORF5 has homologues of MacoNPV-90/2 ORF8, MacoNPV-96B ORF8, AcMNPV ORF152, SpltMNPV ORF5 and RoMNPV ORF147 with aa identity of 53%, 58%, 50%, 54% and 47%, respectively.
    ORF5基因与MacoNPV-90/2 ORF8、MacoNPV-96B ORF8、AcMNPV ORF152、SpltMNPV ORF5和RoMNPV ORF147的同一性分别为53%25、58%25、50%25、54%25和47%25。
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