acidic material

  • 酸性物质

Acidic material的用法和样例:


  1. Remove acid material in the fire resistant oil by adsorption, so no water produced. Reduced the process of dehydrating.
  2. And do the experiment for bacterium seed about capability of cut down viscosity by emulsification, gas production, acid material production and surfactant production.
  3. Use ICB technique and remove acid material in the fire resistant oil by adsorption instead of neutralization, so no water produced. Reduce the process of dehydrating.
  4. This paper introduces a high-speed analysis method for the mass concentration of free sulphuric acid in the hydro-phosphoric acid material liquid and its principle.
  5. The thermochemical sulfate reduction (TSR) occurred in this reservoir, and the asphalt with high sulfur was the result of TSR reaction and provided acidic material such as H2S for dissolution at late.
  6. This paper presents the study of typical absorbents at home and abroad in the absorbent ability of SOF2,SO2F2, SO2,S2F10O, acid material and water with the method of physical and chemical analysis and absorbent test.

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