acid-insoluble substances

  • 酸不溶性物质

acid-insoluble substances的用法和样例:


  1. The standards for the total ash content,acid insoluble ash content and water content in Fructus Amomi have been set up.
  2. The object of this research is to make sure of the application of acid insoluble ash(AIA)as indicator to the dairy goat dagestion trials.
    试验旨在研究酸不溶灰分(Aeid Insoluble Ash,缩写为 AIA)在奶山羊消化试验中的应用。
  3. The results showed that the combination of two or three markers could increase the accuracy of estimation of the AIA (Acid Insoluble Ash) flow at duodenum.
    利用单相指示剂计算食糜干物质流量变异很大,其中Co估测值最低,Yb估测值最高,Cr估测值变异最大,利用两相和三相指示剂估计的流量值处于中等。 多相指示剂的使用可显著提高十二指肠酸性洗涤不溶灰分流量估测的准确度。
  4. Experiment 1, Acid insoluble ash (AIA) was applied in the determination of voluntary feed intake (VFI) of IMWCGs in oestrus season and the nutrients of grass were analyzed to determine the nutrients intake.
    试验一 通过酸不溶灰分法(AIA)对内蒙古白绒山羊发情季节的放牧采食量及牧草中主要营养成分进行测定,确定其营养物质摄入量。
  5. Insoluble substances is an important index of the capability of using diesel engine lubricating oil,test method of petroleum ether insolubles in GB/T5822.

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