acid-dye colorinaetry

  • 酸性染料比色法

acid-dye colorinaetry的用法和样例:


  1. This method was an improvement on acid dye direct titration.
  2. METHODS A solvent extraction acid dye spectrophotometry method was used with the detection wavelength at 412 nm.
    方法 采用溶剂萃取酸性染料比色法测定含量 ,检测波长4 12nm。
  3. An acid dye colorimetry method was developed for the determination of cyclovirobuxine D and its tablets .
  4. Methods The total alkaloids were tested at 420 nm with acid dye colorimetry in which atropine sulfate was used as standard reference.
    方法以硫酸阿托品为对照品,利用酸性染料比色法,在420 nm处测定槲寄生总生物碱含量。
  5. Methods:Using the ultrasonic cleaner to extract the herbs, the alkaloid was tested at 416 nm with the spectroscopy by acid dye.
    方法 :对半夏药材采用超声提取 ,依据酸性染料比色法的原理 ,在 4 16nm波长下进行比色测定药材中总生物碱。
  6. With regard to the adsorption of the three acid dye compounds, the kinetic parameters h and k_0 increased with increasing temperature.
    吸附3种酸性染料时,h和k0 值在本实验的温度范围内均随着温度的升高而增加;

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