acid violet red

  • 酸性品红

Acid Violet Red的用法和样例:


  1. It was found that the catalytic degradation of acid violet red B on the Pd/Fe and the zero-valent iron follow the first-order kinetics and the rate constant on Pd/Fe is higher than that on the conventional iron powder,
  2. The indicator turns from bright green to violet red as soon as the solution is basic and then the collecting ammonia is titrated with standard chlorhydric acid.
    实验证明 ,用该法测定氨的含量 ,既可以节约药品又使反应时间缩短了一半 ,同时蒸氨装置简单易于操作。
  3. It takes mysterious and romantic fuchsine, gradual changing violet red, in all;it pleased both eye and mind.
  4. Research on the decolorization and degradation of acid violet 43 by laccase immobilized on a new kind of acrylic copolymer were studied.
  5. The conclusion is in concordance with the presence of brownish red, violet red and violet-grey clastic rock, specially the red sedimentary layer.

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