acid sol-gel method

  • 酸性溶胶法

acid sol-gel method的用法和样例:


  1. Investigated the film of TiO 2 on granular activated carbon(TiO 2/GAC) prepared from tetrabutyl titanate through the sol gel method.
    研究了溶胶 -凝胶法制备以颗粒活性炭为载体的 Ti O2 膜 (Ti O2 /GAC) .
  2. Therefore,the in vitro bioactivity of akermanite prepared by two-step precipitation method is better than that prepared by sol一gel method.
  3. CeO 2 nanometer particles were synthesized by sol gel method,XRD analysis indicate that the systhesised CeO 2 particles are all cubic in structure,and the space group is O 5 hFm3m.
  4. The ferrite ultrafine particle catalysts which contain Zn,Ni and Co were prepared by sol gel method and characterized by DTA TG,IR,XRD and BET methods.
    采用溶胶 凝胶法制备了含Zn、Ni、Co的铁酸盐超微粒子催化剂 ,运用DTA TG、IR、XRD以及BET比表面测试等手段对所制备的样品进行了表征。
  5. The three way catalysts promoters (Ce Zr)O 2, (Pr Ce Zr)O 2 and (Pr Zr)O 2 were prepared by sol gel method with some special procedures. They were characterized by XRD, EXAFS and BET surface area determination.
    采用溶胶 凝胶法制备了三效催化剂助剂 (Ce Zr)O2 ,(Pr Ce Zr)O2 和 (Pr Zr)O2 ,并对它们进行了XRD ,EXAFS和BET比表面的测定。

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