Acid Red G

  • [化] 酸性红G

Acid Red G的用法和样例:


  1. The effects of photocatalyst dosage and initial concentration of acid red G on the photodegradation processes were studied.
  2. Furthermore, samples, as catalysis, were used to degrade simulation dye effluents, such as solutions of Acid Red G, Direct Bordeaux, Direct Red and Methylene Blue.
  3. After UV-light irradiation for 20min, 60% of the acid red G was decoloured, which was higher than 20% of the Degussa P25 and K_4Nb_6O_17 obtained by solid-state reaction.
    光催化降解20min后,水热法合成的K_4Nb_6O_17的脱色率已达60%25,而高温固相法的K_4Nb_6O_17和Degussa P25的脱色率都仅为20%25。
  4. The results showed that the decolouration of acid red G mainly owe to the photocatalytic degradation of Co-doped K2Nb4O11, but not to the adsorption on it.
  5. In this paper, K2Nb4O11 and Co-doped K2Nb4O11 were prepared by solid-phase reaction and their photocatalytic activities were evaluated by the photodegradation of acid red G on the catalysts.
    本文采用固相法合成了K2Nb4O11 和掺Co的K2Nb4O11,研究了Co掺杂对K2Nb4O11降解酸性红G溶液的光催化活性的影响。
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