acid ph

  • 酸性pH

acid pH的用法和样例:


  1. TCEP HCl is more stable at acid pH than DTT.
  2. Higher efficiency of catalytic ozonation could be achieved in acid pH, but the influence of the strength of acid and basic pH could be neglected.
  3. Seed vigour tests such as accelerated ageing test, TZ test and acid ph osphoesterase activity test could reflect seed quality after fertilization, but others such as vigour index test, conductivity test and sugar content of seed le achates test could not.
    在种子活力测定中 ,加速老化测定、脱氢酶活性和酸性磷酸酯酶活性测定能较好地反映施肥对种子质量的影响 ,而活力指数、电导率值和浸种液含糖量测定结果变化不大 ,无法表现种子质量的变化
  4. The results of study have indicated that the leather bated in acidic pH derived better properties.
  5. They are able to protect a protein drug such as insulin from the acidic pH of the stomach and then release it in the more alkaline pH of the intestine.
  6. He gave me a taste of his acid wit.
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