acid fast bacteria

  • 抗酸细菌

acid fast bacteria的用法和样例:


  1. Methods Acid fast sputum smear, L J culture, bacteria culture and L form culture were conducted in 124 cases of active tuberculosis, 22 inactive tuberculosis, and the results were compared.
    方法 对 12 4例活动性肺结核和 2 2例非活动性肺结核患者 ,分别作痰抗酸染色涂片、改良罗氏培养、BACTEC 960培养和结核分枝杆菌L型培养。
  2. A 230 bp fragments of rpoB were amplified from all M. tuberculosis strains and 113 of 135 (83.7%) sputum samples that were positive for acid fast stain, but not from 16 species of nontuberculosis bacteria and sputum from nontuberculosis patients.
    PCR从所有 2 12株结核分枝杆菌中均扩得 2 3 0bp片段
  3. Objective To probe the quality control in acid fast stain test of sputum smear.
  4. The caseating granuloma and acid fast bacillus positive is specific for IT.
    病理检查干酪性肉芽肿、细菌抗酸染色阳性仅见于肠结核病 ;

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