Acid fast bacilli

  • 抗酸杆菌

Acid fast bacilli的用法和样例:


  1. In order to find the mycobacteria in a tissue section, a stain for acid fast bacilli is done (AFB stain).
  2. Mycobacteria can also be stained with auramine and viewed with fluorescence microscopy, in which acid fast bacilli now appear as glowing yellow rods.
  3. Objctive:To appraise the value on combined detection of acid fast bacilli(AFB)and Lipoarabionomannan G antibody(LAM IgG) in cerebrospinal fluid(CSF)for diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis.
    目的 :评估联合应用一步法检测抗酸杆菌 (AFB)和斑点法检测抗阿拉伯糖甘露糖脂 Ig G抗体(L AM- Ig G)方法诊断结核性脑膜炎 (结脑 )的价值。
  4. The caseating granuloma and acid fast bacillus positive is specific for IT.
    病理检查干酪性肉芽肿、细菌抗酸染色阳性仅见于肠结核病 ;
  5. Better effects were also discovered in terms of theracic examination and other detections of sputum acid fast bacillus,blood sedimentation and bronchofiberscope(P<0.01).
    治疗组治疗前后在胸部X线、痰抗酸杆菌、血沉、纤支镜检查等改善方面比较也具有显著性差异 (P <0 .

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