acid dew point temperature

  • 酸露点

acid dew point temperature的用法和样例:


  1. The main reason of the condensation is that the temperature of building envelope is lower than the dew point temperature of indoor air.
  2. When this material was applied in the regenerator and cyclone separator of FCC unit, the skill temperature could be increased and maintained above the dew point temperature.
  3. The macro and micro analysises of the leaking tubes of the ND steel economizer showed that the leakage was caused by the sulfuric acid dew point corrosion which started from the weld seam.
  4. Using the fitting results, the online measurement of flue gas dew point temperature was revised, and more exact flue gas dew point temperature at the exit of the CFTB reactor was acquired.
    利用拟合结果对试验中在线测量的烟气露点进行修正 ,得到较准确的反应塔出口的烟气露点值。

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