acetone extraction

  • 丙酮抽出

acetone extraction的用法和样例:


  1. Abstract: KLT, an acetone extract of the coix seed (Coicis Semen Yokuinin), is approved in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) for treatment of lung and hepatic cancers.
  2. Antibacterial peptides were extracted from healthy Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) tissues including skins, gills, liver, kidney by methanol and acetone extraction.
  3. The chloroform extract and the acetone extract from Euphorbiae had trmor inhibition effect on K562,HepG_2 and U937 cell line. Besides,they showed obvious therapeutic efficacy in EAC and S180 in vivo.
    千金子的氯仿、丙酮段提取物对 K562,HepG_2和 U937细胞株具有抑瘤作用,对在体的 EAC、S180呈现出明显疗效;
  4. An insecticidal component, 1B-4 was isolated from the acetone extract of the mycelium of IB strain by bioassay-guided. The molecule structure of 1B-4 was determined by IR and NMR as a kind of fatty acid.
  5. The results show that acetone extracts and concentrated water extracts of all the above green teas markedly inhibit the mutagenicity of AFB1 and B(a)P.

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