acetic ester

  • 乙酸酯

acetic ester的用法和样例:


  1. To indicate the feasibility of using acetic ester carboxylation process in China based on making process comparison.
  2. By using acetic ester as solvent, Tea Polyphenols and Catechin are separated from green tea.
    应用乙酸乙酯作溶媒 ,从绿茶提取液中萃取茶多酚、儿茶素。
  3. RESULTS: The linear ranges of Vitamin D2, Vitamin E acetic ester and Vitamin A palmitate were 0.
  4. Degradability of the isolates on acetic ester compounds was proved according to the increase of biomass and the decrease of substrates in liquid cultures.
  5. The reaction mechanism were determined with FT-IR spectroscopy of methanol,acetic acid,acetic ester on the SO?4??2-?/ZrO?2 solid superacid catalyst.
  6. By analysis of five homologues of acetic ester, the basic chromatographic conditions of negative-peak determination were established.
    通过对乙酸酯系列的 5种样品的分析 ,确定了负峰测定的基本色谱条件 ,考察了乙酸酯系列测定的灵敏度、精密度、检出限和线性范围。
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