accuracy of estimation

  • 估计正确性

accuracy of estimation的用法和样例:


  1. The results showed that the combination of two or three markers could increase the accuracy of estimation of the AIA (Acid Insoluble Ash) flow at duodenum.
    利用单相指示剂计算食糜干物质流量变异很大,其中Co估测值最低,Yb估测值最高,Cr估测值变异最大,利用两相和三相指示剂估计的流量值处于中等。 多相指示剂的使用可显著提高十二指肠酸性洗涤不溶灰分流量估测的准确度。
  2. The proposed method eschews the dependence of stability prediction on system model and load characteristics, and the contradiction between the rapidity and accuracy of estimation is well coordinated.
  3. I can't vouch for the accuracy of my memory.
  4. The standard deviation of a sampling distribution. It is the statistic used to make statements about the accuracy of estimates based on sample information.
  5. It was a fundamental guarantee for the validity and accuracy of the results from CEA to rigorously abide by the principles and implement step-by-step process of estimating costs.
    严格按照成本测算的原则 ,按步完成成本测算过程 ,是成本效果分析结果有效性与准确性的根本保证

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