accumulator addressing mode

  • 累加器编址方式

accumulator addressing mode的用法和样例:


  1. An alternate operating system for the Macintosh based on UNIX. A/UX has its own, unique 32-bit addressing mode.
  2. This scheme utilizes all effective bits of phase accumulator address,and so can improve the performances of DDS,which has -70 dB of spur suppression value.
    该方案利用了相位累加器的所有有效位 ,使DDS的性能得到提高 ,杂散度抑制比达到了 - 70 d B。
  3. We can understand the addressing mode better and call it correctly by analyzing the storing position of memory's data operation.
  4. The row addressing mode of SCN2674 CRT controller is reported?How to realize it in design of terminal is introduced?The work principles and specialities are formulated??
    对SCN2674CRT控制器的行表寻址方式进行了研究。 介绍了该方式在终端机中的设计与实现,对其机理和特点进行了系统的阐述。
  5. Especially using OOT, and RAM construct an indirectly addressing mode, save a lot of the code spaces.These methods have a significant benefit for product of the using MCU.
    特别是OOT技术和用 RAM构造间接寻址方式,省下可观的代码空间,为产品增加许多功能,大大地提高产品的竞争力。

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