accretion ripple mark

  • 加积波痕

accretion ripple mark的用法和样例:


  1. The dark-gray traction current deposits belong to internal-tide deposits, it develops sandstones and siltsands, and charactered with lenticular, wave, flaser bedding, bimodal cross-bedding and ripple mark.
  2. Surface quality of billets shall be free from all harmful defects like surface cracks, seams, laps, folds,scabs blowholes,deep ripple marks, aluminum patches, slag patches etc.
  3. The water scarcely reached my waist; the sand was firm and covered with ripple marks, and I waded ashore in great spirits, leaving the Hispaniola on her side, with her mainsail trailing wide upon the surface of the bay.
    水刚到我的腰问,脚下的沙滩很坚实,上面留有一道道波纹。 我精神百倍地涉水上了岸,任凭西斯潘尼奥拉号侧身倒在那里,也任凭它的主帆漂在小湾的水面上。
  4. Six sedimentary structures, ice split seams, ice slid marks, ice collapsed seams, ice induced pellets, ice eroded ripple marks and ice level marks, are newly found in Yellow River delta.
    在黄河三角洲新识别出 6种冰冻沉积构造 :冰劈裂缝、冰成滑痕、冰塌裂缝、冰成球粒、冰蚀波痕和冰位痕。
  5. Based on practical experience, the authors put forward effective prevention methods to decrease the defects in sanding process, such as sanding marks, ripple marks and creases on fabric.

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