accounting appointment

  • 会计委派

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  1. To avoid distorted accounting information, many places are trying the account appointment system. It produces good results, and such problem need to solve as lack of legal basis, contrast with some current legal clauses, and the relatively high cost.
    在解决当前会计信息失真这一问题上 ,不少地方正在试行会计委派制度 ,它的出现和应用 ,在试点地区产生了良好的效果 ,但也存在一些问题需要解决 ,如缺乏其存在的法律依据 ,并与现行的某些法律条文相悖 ,在某种程度上制约了企业的快速发展 ,且成本较高。
  2. The factors causing accounting information distortion can be various, while the accountant appointment system is merely a stopgap measure to control accounting information distortion.
  3. Accountant appointment system is introduced to solve the above problems by the means of the innovation of accountant management.
    会计委派制通过对会计人员管理制度进行创新 ,以期解决上述问题 ,本文从各层面对会计委派制的可行性进行了再思考 ;
  4. Accountanting appointment system makes to be one new things after all,so it has a lot of incompleted problems to be further inspection according to practise.
  5. The Buyer shall remit the total payment to the bank account appointed by the seller.
  6. So should perfect the control environment and the intern al management control systems from decision procedure of great project from the procedure of great project, accountant appoint procedure and audit procedure of adjust and leave one's post.

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