access technique

  • 存取技术

access technique的用法和样例:


  1. NET,introduced the access technique of image object in Microsoft SQL Server,discussed the effect on access time with different size of data block.
    NET,介绍了对 Microsoft SQL Server数据库 image对象的存取技术 ,探讨了数据分块大小对存取时间的影响。
  2. The advantages of random channel access technique of the CSMA/CA/CD, of the SWARQ error control and of encoding of constant proportion code were proved by theoretical analysis.
  3. In order to realize the reliability and high transmit rate of access system, and make the end-user using fully the huge capacity of backbone net, the new access technique must be adapted.
  4. The feature of ISD (Individual Speech Devices)is that it adopts direct analogue record and access technique,and that the speech signals,in its original form recorded into the analogue memory devices directly and saved for long.
  5. Surgery, with increasingly minimal access techniques, may be simpler and less invasive than other treatments and produces excellent palliation.

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