access hole

  • 检查孔

access hole的用法和样例:


  1. Consequently, the improved connection details, widened flange and no weld access hole detail, efficiently decrease the potential of brittle fracture.
  2. METHODS: The maximum theoretic deviation were calculated with the distance from the occlusal table to the top of the fixture, based on the dental template which was 4mm in thickness and the 2.3mm access hole diameter.
  3. The effect of changing the size of access hole on the behavior of steel beam-column moment connections is studied through 3D nonlinear finite-element analyses of connection subassemblies.
    对焊接孔尺寸变化的钢框架梁 柱刚性节点进行了空间非线性有限元分析。
  4. The effect of enlarging the length of access hole on the behavior of steel bean?column moment connections was studied throuth 3D nonlinear finite?element analyses of connection subassemblies.
  5. His strength in a crisis is an ace in the hole.
  6. Hold the access panel, and put a small allen wrench or other similar tool in the access holes, to release the latch.
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