acceptable amounts of pollution

  • 可以接受的污染限度

acceptable amounts of pollution的用法和样例:


  1. Biochemical oxygen demand - BOD: A measure of the amount of pollution by organic substances in water.
    生化物需氧量(简写为 bod):一种衡量有机物在水中的污染量的标准。
  2. Mister Stephenson says one of the best answers is to reduce the amount of pollution that people produce.
  3. The polar bear, the ptarmigan and Inuit culture are probably already doomed by the amount of pollution in the atmosphere, a leading scientis...
    双语:北极熊面临绝境 摘要: 日前,世界一位顶尖科学家指出,由于气候暖化的趋势,北极熊可能面临绝境。
  4. Why mine coal, build power plants and power lines and thousands of devices, create vast amounts of pollution, and endanger the future of the planet thru global warming, if you can light hundreds of candles with a flick of the wrist?

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