acceleration genetic algorithm

  • 速遗传算法

acceleration genetic algorithm的用法和样例:


  1. Authors use accelerating genetic algorithm(AGA) to determine the most dangerous slip surface and the corresponding minimum safety factor.
  2. According to the definition of comparison matrix, an improved analytic hierarchy process based on accelerating genetic algorithm (AGA AHP) is presented.
    直接从判断矩阵的定义出发 ,提出了基于加速遗传算法的层次分析法 (AGA AHP)。
  3. This accelerated genetic algorithm searches the solution space in the neighborhood of the best candidate solution to produce solutions closer to the global optima.
  4. Accelerating genetic algorithm (AGA) and least square method(LSM) were used to solving the parameters of gray GM(1,1) model for the modellings of stable data sequence and unstable deta sequence, respectively.
    对变化较平稳的数据和变化幅度较大的非平稳数据两种序列建立的 GM(1
  5. The authors improved the traditional genetic algorithm, and combined the new method named RAGA (Real coding based on Accelerating Genetic Algorithm) with PPE (Projection Pursuit Evaluation) model.

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